Monday, December 7, 2009

I Took 2nd in Preacher Ronn's One Pocket Tournament

Well the last Saturday of the month is Ronn's one pocket tournament at Kolby's. I decided to play and was lucky to have help from Mitch Ellerman, Bernie Pettipiece and Preacher Ronn in the booth to do commentary while I played my matches. I had wins over Scott Frost, Mitch Ellerman, Bret Huth, Prescott Tom, and a couple other players.

I did do well, me and Scott played 3 sets in the tournament, he knocked me to the losers side hill-hill, we met in the finals and I won the first set 2-0 and the next set I lost hill-hill so we both won 5 games that day.

Regardless I was happy and Scott did think I was going to win at one point but I fired at a combo and made it but did not get a shot unluckily, I should have played out 2 rails to the center for a shot but I had a long day of one pocket and was fried and gave it my all.

I do plan on playing again at the end of this month, it should be fun. I just hope I get some help from the players with the commentary, made things much easier. Bernie actually is a very good commentator. I have been playing much better as of late and hope to continue improving in the game I love so much.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Results from The King of AZ 8's Match!

Thanks Carlos for the good games we had, it was not an easy match and the closest and toughest I have had, boy am I spent after that. We both showcased some good pool and gave away some games too.

The final scores were 4-2 Lenny in the one pocket, 8-6 Carlos in the bar table 8 ball and 100-98 Lenny in the 14.1. It was a nail biter at the end with me getting my high run in 14.1 also.

I was down 98 to 79 and ran the remaining 5 balls in a rack setting up for a good breakshot and it was 98-84, I ran that rack to make it 98-98 with another good break shot and got the remaining 2 for 21 and out. I continued to pocket balls after we were finished and ran another rack setting up for a break shot but got too straight with no break shot, the run ended at 35, my previous was 31.

I do feel Carlos is a better player then I am and I just squeaked it out, he played one pocket very well and did not leave much, I had to make some very tough shots and many banks. In the 8 ball we both gave eachother alot of games and also played some decent games too with safes and runouts.

The 14.1 win or lose for me was interesting since neither of us really play it. 14.1 was decided by Sarah at Kolby's drawing it out of a pitcher. Carlos wrote 9 ball on one piece of paper and 10 ball on another, I wrote 14.1 and banks, wanted to pick golf instead of 14.1 but I guess its not in the BCA rule book. It was fun and I am glad to have my crown back with a 4-0 record.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Challenge Match in a Few Hours...

Well I was King of the 8's beating 3 guys to have it and when I got bumped to a 9 I had to surrender it but now the whole state has been lowered and I want it back. I am playing Carlos Avalos who is back2good1 on AZ Billiard and really am looking forward to this match. He is a very good player and will be my toughest opponent for sure. He beat Jerry Stuckart in there challenge pretty good so it should be interesting.

I picked one pocket for my game of choice, he picked bar box 8 ball, we will each pick 2 games put them in a hot if a 3rd game is needed. I hope I win the one pocket so I can take a shot in the 8 ball which I am an underdog in. I was going to live stream it but I just really want to play, no dealing with equipment and whatever else. I just want to play well win or lose, cant lie I am a bit nervous because I know I am probably the underdog.

Well in 10 hours I will find out so I will post up what happens, stay tuned.

The Lock

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Latest Cue and Latest Happenings

Well I picked up this cue recently and really like it, I was lucky enough to have a buddy of mine Steve work out a cash/trade deal to get this bad boy. I have wanted a cue from Jerry Rauenzahn for some time now and this one is just perfect. All the white is ivory besides the buttcap which is delrin. The cue is the best stainless jointed cue I have played with.

My game as of late has picked up a bit, playing about a ball better then I was a couple months ago which is nice to be improving. Something just clicked and I am pocketing balls and playing shape much better which makes it easier to keep pocketing balls. I took 2nd in the Kolbys Wild Ball this past Tuesday and played okay, getting up with my daughter at 7am each day makes it tough as the matches run late, finals was at about 2am and I had no gas left.

I played my first night of league pool tonight, it was okay, its UPA and its 8 ball on the big tables. I like 8 ball and the big tables sold me on it along with my good friend Jimmy Langston from Kolby's twisting my arm a bit. I played 2 guys practice matches to learn the scoring system. The 1st guy had to go to 2 games and myself since they rated me a 5 unseen going to 3, won that 3-0. The 2nd guy is a 6 so I have to go to 3 and he has to go to 4, I win 3-1.

I noticed most of the league players do not play well on the big tables especially the one we played on with 4 1/8 inch pockets, hanging and missing too many balls. I think it will be fun and we have a strong team, the strongest there and I think we are a lock to win this 16 week session. I am not a league player and kind of laugh at the league stuff and how serious they take it when I see them playing but its 8 ball on big tables and its a change of pace.

Well here are some pics of my Jerry R to drool over, take care.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NY Trip & My Return

Well last week I was in NY for 10 days and it kind of stunk, rain and more rain. I did not get to play my old friend Charlie which I was hoping to do, but I did get to stop by Gallery Billiards. I saw alot of my old friends there and got into some small action, side betting on games, played some 9 ball and broke even playing some one pocket. I hope to get Gallery live streaming out on Newburgh as it would be nice to watch them play, good shooters there and just great people.

I am glad to be back home with my family, I did get to go play on Tuesday and live stream the Kolbys tournament. I did get to pick the chip that adds money to the Kolbys tourney, $900 the day before I went to NY. Basically a chip is drawn every Tuesday and if it matches the day of the month the money is added to the tourney. I got into some action with Jude aka Bad Company finally, he stopped by to pay off some sweat bets and the woofing went on with Scott Frost offering to play him 5 ahead giving 11-2 for $2000 but he did not want to play the freezeman.

He said he would play me so we got to talking about a game and agreed $50 a game and me giving 8-7 and the first break and play winner breaks but I wont the first game and he pulled up stating he needed the breaks the whole time so I agreed, fastest adjustment I ever seen. We went back and forth for a bit and then we agreed on a race to 3 for $100, Scott had a piece of my action as he sometimes gives me a piece of his, he told me to bare down and stop playing so loose. I did and won 3-0, sometimes having a champion in your corner helps out because I had an hour sleep and was sick so I found myself not performing.

Neither one of us played well but Jude said to stop by his room which is Clicks in Phoenix and play some and we would play even doing the same thing. Perhaps I will make the trip when I feel better, home court advantage is big though so it will be interesting to see what happens. I do respect his gamble and atleast he stepped up and played, more then I can say for many who bark and talk but never play. I have had a few people make games with me and never show or back out, you either need gamble or heart, dig deep and play hard to win.

Monday, October 12, 2009

3 Out of 5 Isn't Bad...

Well I played a really good set of 9 ball today in a tournament, not perfect but it was just a day where I was getting out well. I was playing a guy and he missed a routine shot, I run 4 balls and I am out as he remarks how he should never miss and how he used to play snooker. The table we are on has 4 1/8 inch pockets so its no bargain. I break and run out the 2nd rack and feel pretty good about it.

I am getting out in the 3rd and scratch going from the 8 to the 9. 2-1 is the score, we have a safety battle and I get out 3-1. He makes a comment that its not over yet, I break and run out and make it 4-1, then I break and run out again to close out the set. I wanted to say its over now but chose not to be a smart ass, it just felt good to play well. Breaking and running 3 out of the 5 racks I ran was the best I have done in those short races to 5, I have had 2 before but not 3, I know some people here do it everyday but I am not that good.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OTR Sponsors the Freezer in Galveston

Well we were happy to help Scott out in his trip to Galveston for the World Classic, he did okay in the tournament placing 13-16th in the 8 ball with losses to Orcollo and Archer hill-hill. He did beat Gabe Owen in a challenge match for the cash though and was wearing the OTR polo to show his support for us. Here is a picture of him with Christina De La Garza and also the video of that match.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of Hours in Action

Well lately I have been in a ton of action as I have stated and in a few days time I won about $700 playing. I am getting a little worn down but battled hardened. I had a session with Preacher Ronn where we started out at $20 a game and when I got up 5 we jacked it to $50 a game. About 10 hours later we broke even at 7am in the morning! I do not look at it as breaking even, I took away some stuff from it. One thing I learned is to control the action which I knew but did not stand by. I know I am good for 4-5 hours usually but got tired and lazy. If you feel this way whether your up or not it might be best to quit winner and make a game for the next day or another time as to not let time overtake your ability from being fatigued.

I hope I can take a few days to just practice and perhaps not play anyone whether it is friendly or otherwise and do just drills. I am not much of a drill or practice guy but I need to do it. I have been making some simple mistakes when I beat a guy to the shot and that is not running the balls the way I should and instead of getting out I get 1 or 2 balls and that is just sickening to me. I have lost a few games against better movers who I beat to a shot and then do not get out then letting them back to the table and losing when you just need a few balls can be torture. Well I am now up over $5000 in wins for the year playing pool, hopefully I can add a couple more thousands to the tally before the year is over.

Here is a picture of me in action in a little roadhouse bar in Orange County NY.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chopped Up a 9 Ball Tourney

Well yesterday I got a call from my friend Southern Jay and we decided to go play some pool. I tell him let's hit this small tournament at Groggy's which is in Mesa AZ, we have been there before and it is a tough tournament in a tough part of town. One time my girl stopped by to pick me up and she looked at me and said "Why would you play here in this dump?".

Jay said he would never go back there because the format of alternating breaks and snapped 9 balls. Jay would break and run out on his break and his opponent would break and drop the 9, the races are 5,4,3 depending on your in state AZ rating, we both go to 4. I beat a guy by snapping in 9 balls myself every time I had broke before and felt kind of bad as it was a cheap win but what can you do, some of us players agree they wont count on the snap.

We roll in and it does not look like there will be many players but then the count gets to 20 players so we have a decent little bar table 9 ball tourney. My first draw is Dave who is a big older guy and the highest rated player in the tourney, he has a crazy haircut like a mohawk. I break and scratch, he runs out, he breaks dry and I push out, he makes a great shot and runs out, the next thing I know he is up 3-1 in the race to 4, I put some stuff together with a 9 ball snap and nice run, to win hill-hill I broke and made 4 balls, the 9 ball hangs but I play a nice carom off the 3 ball for the win.

My next opponent is Andy who is from the Philippines and you can tell he plays very well. He is only going to 3 games, he runs out the first rack with ease, I miss a routine shot in the next rack and he is up 2-0. I get it back to 2-2, he misses a shot and leaves me dead hooked with only 3 balls on the table. I kick at the ball and leave him a tough shot and he gets out and I lose the match 3-2. Now I have to go through the losers side.

I play a bunch of players in the losers side and one of them was my buddy Jay whom I beat 4-1, then a nice lady who I see around named Claudia and win that 4-1 also. I play Dave again and he is saying I am trying to rack him which pisses me off because I am getting them as tight as I can with the equipment we are using, crappy wood racks and beat up bar tables are not easy to rack on. I win that match 4-1 also with two 9 ball combos. I play Layton next who is a nice guy who does not get out and play match, we both do not play great and he dogged some balls, I win again 4-1.

Now I am in the finals with Andy, I think we are even players on the small track but I have to spot him a game and he goes to 3. I play well and he missed a routine out and I capitalized to take the set after some nice safety play and shots. Guess what the score was?, 4-1 again! Well me and Andy are both tired and decide to split as we both were in the side pot. Jay did well in action when I knocked him out of the tourney beating a guy who beat him in the tourney for a quick race to 5 for $50. All in all it was a good night out and I was happy with my play.

I have been doing very well in the bar table tournaments, mainly 8 ball, cashing in 4 out of 5 of them. I will most likely play tomorrow in Preacher Ronn's Monthly One Pocket at Kolby's, I really love one pocket and it is a good tournament. Last month I did beat Preacher Ronn 2-0 so that was a victory within itself as he plays hard, he actually took 4th this year in the One Pocket State Championship that took place last weekend. Well wish me luck, I need it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Pocket Weekend

Well OTR decided to sponsor Scott Frost in the AZ State One Pocket Championship at Kolby's this weekend. The tourney drew 36 players I believe and some good talent out of Cali came to play. Scott was not who he normally is, seeming to be too relaxed and not killing the other guys like he usually does. He took 3rd losing twice to Mitch Ellerman who went on to win 5-2 against Mike Pankoff. I really like Mikes game and his style, really plays the game well. Mitch played very well also and it is nice to see a young guy like himself who is a real good guy win it. I cannot deny I was rooting for Scott in this as I took him against the field when it got down to about 7 or 8 players left and he was on the losers side but no one is invincible. I do think Scott played poorly both times he lost and even in other matches where he won but I am sure he knows this. I do hope that he does well in Galveston and takes down the $25,000 first place prize, that would be awesome for him.

As for me my action this weekend was limited, I played one guy 10-6 and won 3 games in a row and he quit. I played a tourney that was an 8 and under and cashed coming in 4th place along with splitting the side pots. Got to beat Jude aka badcompany in the tourney 5-2 which is always nice since the last 2 times in tournament play he beat me badly but I am still 3-0 gambling with him. I was hoping we could match up for some $50 a game one pocket but he did not have his cue and its understandable not to play without your weapon, I have done it and it really can be a handicap. I backed Bobby E in some one pocket action at $50 a game and he broke even, if that kid develops some patience he will be a very good one pocket player. All in all it was a fun weekend with some great one pocket played, the DCT put on a good tourney and I am really shocked more players did not come out and play for this, last year had a dozen more players in it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My New Player

Well this just came in the mail from Crown Cues! I cant wait to put it through its paces tonight and see how it plays but I am sure it plays great. The cue is made from one piece of curly maple so it and flows perfectly. This is my first cue with a joint that matches the ring work, always wanted that and think it is a nice touch. Let me know what you think. The maker Gene La Viness did and awesome job on this and is highly recommended, customer service is top notch along with workmanship. The pics do not do it justice IMO. Go to ! I had to sell my Huebler before being able to get this one and keep it and I am so happy I did.

Report on the Game

Well the game with the guy I was meeting up with at Kolby's went pretty good. I did not play well and the first set went hill-hill and the second set I won 5-2. I did end up playing later against another guy who has been jumping in action throwing his money around. I gave up 9-6 playing one pocket and finished up 3 games and then we played some $10 a rack 9 ball with me giving the 8. I am not much of a 9 baller and hate to give up ball weight. He is up 3-4 games most of the time but I make a run back and get up 3 games but I have to eat so we take a break.

He gets a bit impatient so I offer to stake numerous players in the room against him in various games. We agree on me putting this kid in against him who has not been playing very long but plays decent some even 9 ball. The kid and him are even for hours but the guy gets up about 6 games and I pull the kid out, he is tired and worn out, not a big deal as I am up decent for the night and I will put the kid in against him next time when he is fresh. So far for the year I am over $4000 in wins and at about $800 in losses, not too bad really at all. I am glad I am keeping track this year as I have been curious as to how I do each year and it sure beat guessing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gambling a Bunch!

Well as of late I have been in good tourney and action mode and making some good little scores. I have been doing very well on Sunday night at Kolby's playing bar table 8 ball. I have cashed 3 times there out of the 4 or 5 that I have played in it which is nice as it is one of my better games. I have been mixing it up gambling and my winning for the year are just about $4,000 which is not bad for not being a pro or short stop player. I keep track of my wins and losses for the year and do not book too many losers but in the end it all adds up, my losses are at about $800 so basically for every $50 I win I lose $10, not too shabby IMO.

I really would like to focus on playing better in the Tuesday night tournament but with streaming it getting focused is tough because you have to handle the stream and make sure everything is running okay. I have had a few times where the stream goes down but I am in a match so it has to wait because I cannot do that to my opponent. I plan on doing some upgrades to the stream audio wise which is great as I have been waiting for awhile to do it.

I really have to say that I enjoy gambling and tournament play, not sure which I enjoy more but the competition and seeing how I will do under the pressure is what it is all about. I played last night and lost to a guy I should beat if I am right. Being hungry and not really feeling my opponent as he just was not a pleasure to gamble with really just did not have my mind right along with the crap table we played on. I think if you need to eat or anything you should before getting into a session with someone because when you play for hours it can really be tough on you. I could not get food at the place as it was late so it took its toll, yes I know every pool player has an excuse, haha, but on the square I was disgusted with how I played. Me and the guy might match up again today and I hope to avenge my loss to him and play my game.

Well play well and be lucky my friends and hopefully I am today, will follow up on the action if it goes down.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting on My Newest Toy

So as most know I am a cue junky, I buy more cues in a year then I do shoes, so far this year I have had 9 or 10 I am guessing if not more and over 50-60 in the past 5 years. I am waiting on a pretty rare cue, I have always like Dufferin cues and Hueblers, so I get both of them in one cue! I really like this cue as it is pretty rare and about 15 years old or so, most likely wont see one of these around as it is from Canada where the original owner had it. I should have it in a few days and hope that it plays well, I really think it will as most Hueblers and Dufferins I have owned play very good. Maybe I could use that piece of brown sea snake and have it wrapped with it, but I kind of like the light colored wraps but if it is a player it will get filthy. Here are some pics of the newest addition.

Where's Bob?

Well months have went by and I still have no idea what has happened to Bob, for you who are on AZ Billiards and come on OTR or other stream Bob aka CMBWSU is always a welcomed presence. I do hope he is doing well and business is good for him. He helped us tremendously donating a good deal for our camera which was a class act and has improved the quality of OTR tremendously. Our next move is to finish the audio, we should have that all done in a month or so as we are going to scrap the old set up and go with a direct camera hookup. I look forward to his return and plus he is the best moderator I have ever had! Bob if your reading this then give me a ring brother and let me know what is going on.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Haters, Biters and Morons Oh My!

I just figured I would take some time to rant a little bit in my blog. I know many people read this all over the country and the world as OTR has become quite a popular broadcast. I seem to have a handful of haters literally 5 people or so who really have some issue with me and to be honest it is kind of entertaining at times and bothersome at others. I am unsure why they come on the live stream at all but they will no longer be welcome as it is an annoyance and eyesore for me and the fans. I cant imagine what it would be like to be a famous person when your exposed to millions of people as opposed to thousands, I guess haters and idiots would be at every turn.

On last weeks show we had a couple stop by and I should have known when they arrived it would turn out like it always does, some woofing, insults, threats of violence and me banning them and them being pissed about it. If you have lost to me every time we have matched up then why come on line to bark at me when we most likely will never play and to say I suck which I guess compared to pros I do but compared to them I certainly do not as I have taken down the cash and do not object to playing them. I mean one moron goes out of his way to make a game with me and woof about it and then we never play, months go by and since he has no chance and he probably came to realize that, instead of playing he chooses to insult and woof online, kind of pathetic really.

I have had people ask my after they have overheard this little group of people talking about me negatively as to why they had such an axe to grind and I do not really have an answer for them. I know I am a decent person who tries to look out for others instead of just myself, perhaps that is why I am not money hungry and take my extra time for my hobby of OTR. The people who come to me laugh at these people anyway because those who know me like me and know that I am a stand up guy.

I have no problem with friendly online woofing and even some ribbing. But when you curse at someone in a chat room when my sponsors are possibly watching you are hurting my site and all the time and money that has been invested to make it successful and the benefit to the fans and the sport. Where I come from if you threaten someone or call them a name challenging their manhood well your usually going to get what is coming to you. It is easy to say these things behind a keyboard instead of face to face, most people I have met out here have been decent people but some talk the talk and don't have a leg to stand on.

I certainly feel that OTR has been very good for pool and fans, especially locally in Arizona but you will have the haters who will bash you for putting time and money into something where the monetary gain is little to none, its for the game and the fans. I am uncertain why they do it but I chalk it up to being haters, little drama queens who like to stir stuff up because they have no lives. All I can say to the haters is get a life and I am sorry you have done nothing for the pool, go spend your time doing something constructive instead of being a turd on the internet.

Now we can move on to the biters, these are people I am equally not fond of who will take ideas and designs and use it without asking or pick your brain and then run with it and not even say thank you. We have had people take sponsor banners we custom made and just take them off our site and use them on their site without the sponsor nor them asking us to use the design. Getting people riding your coat tails is not flattering, it is quite of an annoyance really.

On a better note it has been about a year since we officially have had OTR the website streaming and the new website that my partner Steve is designing is about to be launched I am hoping tomorrow for our Tuesday night broadcast. I was speaking to the owner of Kolby's the other day and a funny thing is we were the first pool room in the country to have a regularly broadcast tournament every Tuesday and probably the most broadcast from one room I am guessing.

I have plans to grow OTR and make it a place where people can watch pool more then just the 5-6 times a month we broadcast. With nearly 1600 people signed up for our newsletter and growing I am sure it will keep getting bigger. We average 2000-3000 viewers every stream with the most in one stream being 18,000 on a Tuesday night at Kolby's. I have seen other streams in AZ getting about 30 viewers because they do not have the following or quality we provide.

I would like to thank all our fans who have supported us and helped us grow and to the dedicated sponsors we have on board with us. Your appreciation and support far outweighs the occasional haters we get. To those who wish ill will and are reading this, why are you reading this right now?, get a life and lay off the Hatorade, most are here because they are fans and love the game.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny Video of a Trickshot Gone Wrong!

Just a short clip, enjoy!

New OTR Tshirts!

Well we have had a lot of people inquire on when we would do some new shirts so we came up with these, the slogan is one submitted from our contest we had on our site. Here is an image of what the shirts look like front and back. We have large, XL, and XXL for you guys, all are black with silver gray print, Gildan 6.1 shirts. If you were signed up for our newsletter then you got to take advantage of saving a few bucks just like when we released the Frost/Efren dvd. Just go to and go to the store and pick up one, here is what they look like.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Baby Girl

Well for most of you out there you all knew that me and my girl were expecting a daughter, her name is Alexis Jade, she is gorgeous. We had her on April 18th and I am not sure if I have ever been happier before. Here are a few pics.

Cuetable Contest

Just had to make a video running this layout, go to to see what it is all about.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Letting the Fish off the Hook

Well I was out for a night of drinking with a buddy and he had to go home early as it was a weeknight and he had to be up early. I am feeling pretty good and get dropped off at Kolbys to play some pool and just hang out. A guy is in there from Virginia, I have never met him before. He wants to hit some and I am just banging them around. He goes outside for a smoke and proceeds to come in and say he will give me the last 3 for $10 a game. We go back and forth with me just smacking balls around, I get up 4 games and he ask to play a race to 5 for $50 which I win 5-0. He think the place is going to close but we get the okay to play for another hour. I beat him the next set 5-3 so we agree on one last set for $100. I know that I dont even have to play to win, the guy is a decent player, probably plays a touch better then me even though he claimed he was an A player, but I am getting the last 3 so its utter thievery.

The kicker is he tells me that he just got back from Afghanistan so I start to feel some guilt, the guy is just in town visiting family. I lose the last set so the guy is only down $40 but I pay his time so its not like he lost anything. I felt bad because the guy is in the military risking his ass for me and our country so I know I was buzzed and playing on the lemon with him so it just did not feel good. I have no problem with hustling because when people gamble they are just trying to win the cash, that is what counts when you are in action. It is not always how good you play its how well you match up. Some people detest hustling and locksmiths, to me the greats like Ervolino from NY who layed it down so good, getting the 5 ball when they could give the 5 ball, it is really an art IMO. I do think that you should have to use judgement and sometimes realize that the cash is not worth the fact of feeling badly or guilt. The funny thing is that the guy said he does not care if he loses money and likes to gamble, he had no clue that he got a pass and got to keep his cash.

I will leave you with a picture of the great Brooklyn Johnny, Ervolino was a great hustler and pool player who even at the age of 65 still ran over 300 balls. Until the next time friends and foes, play well and be lucky.

Lenny the Lock

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Played My First Race to 50

Well I got the bright idea a few nights ago to ask another player at Kolbys to play a race to 50 in 9 ball so we ended up playing it last night,just for good practice and because neither of us have done it before.I have to say it was more then I bargained for,it took 6 1/2 hours,we did have about 30 minutes worth of breaks though.I had some good runs and streaks but also some very bad play towards the middle and the end also.We are both 9 rated players in the state of AZ and 9 ball is his best game,its my weakest game I believe.I did end up winning 50-37,I do plan on doing it again perhaps once a month but I could only imagine how much it would improve my game if I did it everyday for a month.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Ball Run Out Video

Just a video of me breaking and running at Kolby's Corner Pockets in Tempe AZ during a tourney,table is a Gold Crown III with 860 Simonis,4 1/8 inch pockets.My opponent is Angel Paglia a female pro on the WPBA,she went on to win the match hill-hill.

Monday, March 9, 2009

OTR's First DVD~ Reyes Vs Frost

I am happy to announce we have obtained this footage and are releasing it to everyone.The footage was recorded at Kolbys last May in Tempe AZ by Carlos Avalos who is on the forums as BACK2GOOD1.This is 100% action,no commentary and no fancy frills just some great one pocket.The promoter of this awesome event was Mark Cantrill also known on the forums as BFDLAD and runs the Champions and Legends Tour with Earl Strickland,Johnny Archer,and Nick Varner.This match was much talked about and people have asked about this footage being released so we are getting it out there to everyone so my partner Steven Hofstetter took on the task.Down the road perhaps we might offer another DVD of this match with a player review by The Freezer,bonus footage and all the frills but at the moment we dont have time to do it nor can we give a date for that DVD,at the moment its just an idea.The DVD is 4 hours and a 2 disc DVD,click on this link to purchase,price is $24.99.Thank you. :smile:
View the teaser here.

Thanks To Our New Sponsor!

We have a new sponsor on board with us,Crown Cues.We did have Albrecht Custom Cues but Dave is not taking anymore orders so him having a banner is pointless for him right now,we appreciated all the support Dave gave us from the start.We also have Eye Shafts who came on board with us last month,really glad they did,I myself play with a birdseye shaft and it plays excellent.We also are looking for more sponsors and can certainly say our website will give alot of exposure to the product your trying to promote.Thanks to all you viewers,drop a note to our sponsors and tell them that you appreciate them sponsoring us,thank you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DCT Finale

Well the Arizona Desert Classic Tour Finale was a great event at The Mazatzal Casino in Payson AZ.We had 8 Diamond bar tables and the game was 10 ball,Big Bull came by to deliver and setup the tables which was great.We had over 50 players for the $6000 added finale and there was some really great play.I enjoyed the setup there,we had a 60 inch flat screen to watch the action on in the broadcast booth,a T1 internet connection which made the internet stream very smooth,the only thing that was missing was my new camera which I got the following Monday,a few days too late unfortunately.

I did enjoy the trip and won all bets made during the trip outside of the casino of course and on pool,I think I won about $400 playing and another couple hundred on other bets for matches.My goal was to beat one good player during the tourney and I did,I beat another fellow New Yorker named Paul who was known for winning $19,000 on a bar table.We had a great match on the losers side,racing to 9 I got up 8-5 before I missed a thin cut on the 8 ball with the 9 and 10 balls hanging in the pockets,I knew it was going hill-hill.At hill to hill he breaks and scratches,the 3-10 is lined up fairly well,the one goes but the 2 ball does not so I play shape for a safe,get bad shape and play a bank,it shortened up but I got lucky and Paul was safe.Paul kicks at the ball instead of messing up the 3-10 combo,he hits it and almost makes a ball but it hangs,I make a shot on the 2 ball and get perfect on the 3-10 to take the win.Paul remarked later he should have messed up the 3-10 but he said I was running out so good he felt I would be out anyway and if he could get lucky and make a ball he could win so he went for it.I told Paul early in the tournament that the only thing I wanted to do was beat a good player,so he remarked "Well you got to beat a good player like you wanted.",Paul was a real gentleman and a hell of a player with a win over Nick DeLeon 10-0 and a hill-hill match with Jimmy Mendoza.

Scott Frost lost his first match but came through the losers side to win 11 matches and beat Dennis Orender,then Jimmy Mendoza,he met Mitch in the Finals and played awesome to take the win and $2700 or so in prize money.I hoped my jump cue came in handy for Scott and helped him on his way to the win.Scott was stunned that I only slept 4 hours in the 3 days there as he was rooming with me but I just cant sleep in those casinos,pool and gambling action is too much to resist I suppose.Congrats to Scott Frost and Mitch Ellerman for playing great as they always do and Jimmy and Dennis for putting on a hell of an event.I was glad to have George Teyechea and Lisa there to help commentate for me as I was in really bad shape because of lacking sleep,it was one fun long weekend with great pool.

I hope this year the DCT continues to grow and prosper and new members continue to join,I believe they are over 150 members.I think my presence there attracts people to play and also they enjoy getting viewed by people all over the world on my website too.Well I hope those of you who have tuned in enjoyed watching it and this year should be awesome and only will get better then the last.

Lenny the Lock