Thursday, July 31, 2008

Challenge Match

So I am about to play Brady aka BVal on AZ Billiards this Sunday at 7pm on the live stream.Its going to be a race to 150 in straight pool,race to 5 in one pocket and a race to 20 in 10 ball,should be alot of fun.I havent been playing much because of the site and live stream keeping me so busy and taking up so much of my time.I got to play last night and I can say I was not playing great or bad,just mediocre,win or lose I want to play well.

I feel we are both favorites in our respective games of straight pool and one pocket.I do think I will take the one pocket down for sure,the straight pool I dont play enough but I still have a chance to win I feel,we will see in a few days.I think the fans will get a kick out of it,just 2 average B players battling it out,we are both 8s in Arizona rating system and are pretty evenly matched.I am going to make a prediction I will win the whole thing without losing any set,but you never know,check it out this Sunday at
Fast Lenny

Monday, July 28, 2008

Arizona Desert Classic Tours 4th Stop!

This weekend of July 26 and 27th was a good event that was held at Metro Sports Bar in Phoenix with 38 players,the winner was Jimmy Mendoza who shot awesome to win the event and the runner up was young gun Mitch Ellerman.I am always impressed with the both these players and the focus they have at the table,Mitch is bound to be a great player as he gets more and more seasoned,he has no fear it seems when he is on the green.We had some tech problems in day one at the beginning,Ustream was down and then when it came back up the internet went down,wanna guess why?Someone had turned the jukebox off which is also wired to the internet,we got it back and running fairly quickly though and got to broadcast many hours of good 9 ball on the bar table.

Our total of unique viewers who came and went was over 1200,not too bad,glad to see people stopping in and checking us out.The more viewers the more it attracts sponsors and that enables me to do more live streams and also improve the quality of the stream.I appreciate all the people signing up for the newsletter on our new site which was just recently put together by my new partner in the is venture and fellow pool junky Steve Hofstetter.I think with the site and the exposure we have been getting this will lead to good things for the sport and fans.

I have to give thanks to the Arizona Desert Classic Tour and you can check out there website at for more info,the events they have are ran very well.If you can play in one do it,its worth it and perhaps you will be on the internet table and broadcast live for everyone to see.I have to thank all the fans out there for their support with contributing and buying tshirts,your helping the cause of bringing live free pool to everyone.See you all soon at our next schedueled event at Main Street Billiards here in Arizona for the Arizona Desert Classics 5th stop and its going to be 9 ball on the big table.We might be having a challenge match live on the net with me Fast Lenny vs AZ Billiards BVal aka Brady this weekend,will keep you posted,it will be an all around challenge match.
Fast Lenny

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Live Stream This Past Weekend

The live stream went well and was glad to bring to the appreciative 14.1 fans around the world,the page got over 3000 hits this past weekend.I am excited that the website is being built by my new partner Steve,its almost done and looks good.I am also working on getting a new camera for the stream to improve it,there is room for lots of improvement I feel for the stream.The next event will be at Metros Sports Bar and is the Arizona Desert Classic Tours,it will be 9 ball on the bar table,its on the 26th and 27th of July and should be a good event as the Tour is ran by Jimmy Mendoza and Dennis Orender,these guys are really running a great tour.I hope to see you all online for that event,its going to be a good one.
Fast Lenny

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Next Events

Well the next event I am doing is on July 12th and it is the qualifier for the World Straight Pool Championships in New Jersey.I think its going to be some great 14.1 to be viewed for all to see and I can wait for it to happen.It will be at Kolbys so I am comfortable and know what to expect there so it should go well.I am hoping to have a new cam before then so I can improve the stream,if not I will use the same stuff I have been using but one thing I did accomplish was fixing the audio.I have to take this week to get another sponsor or two on board,it will help with the cost of the new camera along with other stuff.

The next event after the one on the 12th is on the 26th and 27th of July and will be at Metros in Phoenix,its a 9 ball bar box tourney.I dont know how good there internet is there and also how easy it is going to be to set up in there,I think its going to be tough to do because of how tight it is in there.This should be a good event though as I believe it is $1500 added to the prize fund so it should bring out some good players.Well make sure to tune in if you reading this on those dates at

Fast Lenny