Friday, August 22, 2008

Runout Video

Well someone asked me since they haven't seen me play 9 ball yet if I could run out.I am a B player when I am playing right so the answer is yes and when I was playing regularly I would break and run once in a race to 6 quite often in tournament play but with the stream I have not been playing as much as I would like.After the break when the balls stop,the runout was under a minute,that is why I am Fast Lenny.

Fast Lenny Vs Tim Demaagd Aka Grindz

I was challenged by Tim in a Shootout this past Wednesday at Kolbys and we agreed on Rotation,One Pocket and 8 ball.I have never seen Tim play so I didn't know his speed or style of play,on top of it I have never played Rotation before.We decided to play a 1000 points of Rotation and we both regretted playing that long,he beat me 1000-758 I believe.I think absorbing all the rules while I was playing affected my game there but for my first time playing it I really felt I held my own.

The one pocket is where I felt I would dominate,I broke first and won that game easily.We both kept winning on our breaks and it was 3-3 and my break and I went up 5-0 in that rack,I end up losing that rack and Tim ends up on the hill first.The next game is a long one and a real nail biter,Tim needs one and I need them both,I bank a ball 2 rails and in and have a long straight in shot but I am on the rail,I commit and make it to have a hill-hill match.Tim takes a risky bank at speed and sells out my out ball for me to win the one pocket and snatch victory from him,you can see the nail biting ending in the video below.

The last game to decide it all was race to 5 in 8 ball,we both played badly as neither of us ate for the whole 8 hour session,no breaks either,I won 5-2 and still am King of Az 8's as of now.My next match wont be until the end of September,I hope I play better then I did in the last one.I have to say thanks to Grindz for coming out and playing,he is a good player and I enjoyed the match and the grind,he lived up to his name.You can see the Rotation and One Pocket in the Video section at ,we have alot more challenge matches to come.The next event is tomorrow at Bullshooters in Phoenix,should be a great event taking 2 days,9 ball on the big table,this is the Arizona Desert Classic Tours event and it should be a good one.See you there.

Fast Lenny

Roger Long Vs Ray Robles Match

This match was very interesting as I have never seen Roger Long play but heard he was a decent player and a BCA instructor.Everyone said Roger didn't have a chance and it would be a blow out but he held his own very well and did win one of the three sets.

Ray played well and won the straight pool by a score of 150-72.The 10 ball had Ray up 18-14 and it looked like Roger was finished but he came back and won 6 games in a row to win 20-18.The one pocket was the decider,it was supposed to be a race to 5 but both guys were very tired after playing for 9 hours already so they agreed to play a race to 3 which Ray won 3-0.

I thought Roger played quite well and Ray is a very good 10 in the state of Arizona which translates to an A speed player.They both struggled in the middle of the 10 ball set and it seemed both ran out of gas as neither ate the whole time.I appreciate both players coming on and matching up,they are good competitors and love the game.You can watch videos in the Video section at and also check out Roger Long's site at

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Challenge Match Vs Brady aka BVal

So for those of you who watched I won as I predicted,we didn't play the 10 ball as I had already won the first 2 out of 3 giving me the crown.I have to say I had alot of anxiety going in and was nervous but as I started making balls I felt pretty good.I had some good outs in one pocket but felt too comfortable and played pretty loose,almost had a nice 8 and out but on my last ball that I got perfect on I missed.

The 14.1 I was uncertain I would win,he was up 30 some balls to my 20 something and I then made my charge winning 150-84,my high run was 16 or something like that,I got perfect on the break shot and bobbled it though and I think I might have ran 25-30 as I felt pretty good.I had lot of runs of 10s and 12s in the match,I wasn't looking for a big run but to just get the majority each rack and just win.I would shoot the break ball if I had a tough shot because I didn't want to leave him the balls if I missed and then I would duck when I didn't have shots,that was my game plan since he doesn't run alot of balls.

I really was happy to play Brady win or lose though as he is a gentleman and has good sportsmanship.I have a few other challenge matches lined up,3 people are interested in playing me,one at a time and I hope to continue a good run and play well.This weekend Saturday at 3pm I will be streaming a challenge match between Ray Robles and Roger Long,they are doing an all around format similar to me and Brady.

One thing I learned from watching the footage you can see in the Video section at is that my mechanics are so bad but yet I still play pretty good,people could look at me and mistake me for a D player very easily,haha,maybe I will work on it or just strive to be A speed and have people pounce on me who I can give the 5 ball to.I had alot of good players tell me that I will make alot of money gambling with mechanics like that if my game does go to A speed,I already have made a few bucks because guys approach me after watching me shoot because I dont look like a player,a few of those guys dont play pool anymore and I busted them,not bad for just a B player.Well see you Saturday for our next stream.
Fast Lenny

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Joe Sabia

I have been thinking alot of my friend Joe who passed a few months back,he was my mentor,best friend and the closest I have ever had to a father figure.He taught me how to play pool,bringing me from a D player to a B player in what seemed like 6 months.We would run around to tourneys together playing pool and poker in all types of places.He passed at 62 years old but didn't act a day over 25,he was alot of fun to be around with tons of energy,he was alive!

I was so stunned when I got the call of his passing,I talked to him on a Friday letting him know I would be coming to NY to visit and would see him in a week and that Sunday I got the call and just couldn't believe it.The man who had given so much to me was gone,he sounded fine so I still do not get it and it still seems very unreal to me.I flew to NY early to go to his wake where there were so many people there and all the pictures from his past when he was in his 20s and 30s,it was cool to see the pictures of him back in his day during the 60s and 70s.I can only wish that one day me and him will meet again for one more pool game,one more heads up poker game,and one more conversation,til we meet again Joe.