Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OTR Sponsors the Freezer in Galveston

Well we were happy to help Scott out in his trip to Galveston for the World Classic, he did okay in the tournament placing 13-16th in the 8 ball with losses to Orcollo and Archer hill-hill. He did beat Gabe Owen in a challenge match for the cash though and was wearing the OTR polo to show his support for us. Here is a picture of him with Christina De La Garza and also the video of that match.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of Hours in Action

Well lately I have been in a ton of action as I have stated and in a few days time I won about $700 playing. I am getting a little worn down but battled hardened. I had a session with Preacher Ronn where we started out at $20 a game and when I got up 5 we jacked it to $50 a game. About 10 hours later we broke even at 7am in the morning! I do not look at it as breaking even, I took away some stuff from it. One thing I learned is to control the action which I knew but did not stand by. I know I am good for 4-5 hours usually but got tired and lazy. If you feel this way whether your up or not it might be best to quit winner and make a game for the next day or another time as to not let time overtake your ability from being fatigued.

I hope I can take a few days to just practice and perhaps not play anyone whether it is friendly or otherwise and do just drills. I am not much of a drill or practice guy but I need to do it. I have been making some simple mistakes when I beat a guy to the shot and that is not running the balls the way I should and instead of getting out I get 1 or 2 balls and that is just sickening to me. I have lost a few games against better movers who I beat to a shot and then do not get out then letting them back to the table and losing when you just need a few balls can be torture. Well I am now up over $5000 in wins for the year playing pool, hopefully I can add a couple more thousands to the tally before the year is over.

Here is a picture of me in action in a little roadhouse bar in Orange County NY.