Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Played My First Race to 50

Well I got the bright idea a few nights ago to ask another player at Kolbys to play a race to 50 in 9 ball so we ended up playing it last night,just for good practice and because neither of us have done it before.I have to say it was more then I bargained for,it took 6 1/2 hours,we did have about 30 minutes worth of breaks though.I had some good runs and streaks but also some very bad play towards the middle and the end also.We are both 9 rated players in the state of AZ and 9 ball is his best game,its my weakest game I believe.I did end up winning 50-37,I do plan on doing it again perhaps once a month but I could only imagine how much it would improve my game if I did it everyday for a month.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Ball Run Out Video

Just a video of me breaking and running at Kolby's Corner Pockets in Tempe AZ during a tourney,table is a Gold Crown III with 860 Simonis,4 1/8 inch pockets.My opponent is Angel Paglia a female pro on the WPBA,she went on to win the match hill-hill.

Monday, March 9, 2009

OTR's First DVD~ Reyes Vs Frost

I am happy to announce we have obtained this footage and are releasing it to everyone.The footage was recorded at Kolbys last May in Tempe AZ by Carlos Avalos who is on the forums as BACK2GOOD1.This is 100% action,no commentary and no fancy frills just some great one pocket.The promoter of this awesome event was Mark Cantrill also known on the forums as BFDLAD and runs the Champions and Legends Tour with Earl Strickland,Johnny Archer,and Nick Varner.This match was much talked about and people have asked about this footage being released so we are getting it out there to everyone so my partner Steven Hofstetter took on the task.Down the road perhaps we might offer another DVD of this match with a player review by The Freezer,bonus footage and all the frills but at the moment we dont have time to do it nor can we give a date for that DVD,at the moment its just an idea.The DVD is 4 hours and a 2 disc DVD,click on this link to purchase,price is $24.99.Thank you. :smile:
View the teaser here.

Thanks To Our New Sponsor!

We have a new sponsor on board with us,Crown Cues.We did have Albrecht Custom Cues but Dave is not taking anymore orders so him having a banner is pointless for him right now,we appreciated all the support Dave gave us from the start.We also have Eye Shafts who came on board with us last month,really glad they did,I myself play with a birdseye shaft and it plays excellent.We also are looking for more sponsors and can certainly say our website will give alot of exposure to the product your trying to promote.Thanks to all you viewers,drop a note to our sponsors and tell them that you appreciate them sponsoring us,thank you!