Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Live Stream Went Well!

Well I am happy to say the 2 day event over the weekend went pretty well and I was happy with it.I had several hundred viewers who tuned in here and there,60-100 were the steady numbers but look forward to increasing them.I do have some stuff in the works and I am thinking of doing a one pocket tourney this weekend,I will know this week whether that is going to happen.I got the ok to do the 14.1 World Championship qualifier here in AZ,its the only qualifier on the west coast for the event so it should have some very good players.

I would like you guys to check out my page for clips and also my sponsors along with the Arizona Desert Classic Tour,they are a good group of guys.I thought Jimmy,Dennis and Bull are a good team and do good tourneys,42 players showed up for their 14.1 event this weekend,now that is cool.I like that I am doing something good for pool and giving something back to the sport which has given me so much.I believe good things will come out of this for the sponsors,myself,the fans and places I am streaming at and for.

Well its late as always and I need to catch some ZZZs as I am sleepy and need a recharge for my busy week.Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the straight pool match below with Gus Briseno and Scott Frost.

Fast Lenny

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Got The Sponsorship!

Well I just got back from playing some pool and I have all 3 sponsors in.I have my friend Jason Smith who does insurance here in Arizona,Dave Albrecht who is a custom cuemaker,and Don Ackerlow from The Break is also sponsoring me,they have a great paper and site,you can see it at ,good to have them on board.

I am really excited and have to pick up a few things for the stream,I am glad I have the funding to get it done better now.My cue is about to be raffled off soon,one more spot left and perhaps tomorrow night a lucky winner will get it.I have to pick up the items I need this weekend for the stream,I cant wait to do this and bring the fans some great pool.

Check out the page which is all ready to go at

Take Care,
Fast Lenny

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sponsor Search

Well I am on the search for sponsors,got bad news today that the guy who contacted me just wants to trade services.I need money to do the stream not exposure or PR,so I am going to start emailing and calling billiard businesses locally that have websites and perhaps bring them people and also business through the exposure of the live stream because it is not just statewide that this is going to be popular but nationwide along with some people overseas also.

So I am alittle bummed out about the bad news but now I get to contact people,I was waiting on him as he was the first guy to contact me and I was hoping to build a foundation and business relationship.I also decided to raffle a cue of mine off for money to get equipment that I need,I am not too bummed about it,I go through cues like crazy anyway and havent been playing as much as I would like to.Well enough rambling and being a flatliner,tomorrow is a new day and we will see what can be done.

Fast Lenny