Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Well it was a short break but it was much needed. I took some time with my family and to get caught back up with things. I still am a bit unsure of what my plans are and if I will be streaming on Tuesday nights but I will be playing when I want and streaming the one pocket the last Saturday of the month also. I do have plans on streaming the $6000 added BCAPL Sept.1st-5th that is taken place at Ft. McDowell Hotel and Casino here in AZ. I do hope many players come out for this also.

I got my cue back from Richard Hsu and he did a great job on the engraving in the butt of my Jerry Rauenzahn and it sparked me to want to play some more too. Here are some pics of it, enjoy and see you on the stream this Saturday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taking a Hiatus

Well after months of thinking about it I have done it, I am taking a break from pool for a bit, perhaps a couple of weeks or who knows. I have realized I am burnt out and need to get my mind and body in better shape along with spending more time with my family. I have lost the desire and stamina mentally and physically to win and am just kind of tapping balls around which is no good. I recently have been on a bit of a losing streak also as I said with no real desire to win and no focus but I hate to lose also, the games are tougher with tougher players too. I am doing good money wise this year playing pool because I keep tabs on it, I am up more then last year too which I did not think would happen.

My plans are to mountain bike, swim, and try to get in shape along with some meditation. I plan on spending quality time with my family and getting things in order that have kind of gotten out of order with my time being taken up so much by pool and streaming. I was becoming a bit overwhelmed really with it all. I would like to continue streaming perhaps a bit less and also would like to upgrade to HD but right now the camera is not in the budget. Perhaps when Power One Pocket is released and makes some money I can put it into OTR and make some upgrades.

Well just wanted to sign off for now but I will be back my friends, later.