Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting on My Newest Toy

So as most know I am a cue junky, I buy more cues in a year then I do shoes, so far this year I have had 9 or 10 I am guessing if not more and over 50-60 in the past 5 years. I am waiting on a pretty rare cue, I have always like Dufferin cues and Hueblers, so I get both of them in one cue! I really like this cue as it is pretty rare and about 15 years old or so, most likely wont see one of these around as it is from Canada where the original owner had it. I should have it in a few days and hope that it plays well, I really think it will as most Hueblers and Dufferins I have owned play very good. Maybe I could use that piece of brown sea snake and have it wrapped with it, but I kind of like the light colored wraps but if it is a player it will get filthy. Here are some pics of the newest addition.

Where's Bob?

Well months have went by and I still have no idea what has happened to Bob, for you who are on AZ Billiards and come on OTR or other stream Bob aka CMBWSU is always a welcomed presence. I do hope he is doing well and business is good for him. He helped us tremendously donating a good deal for our camera which was a class act and has improved the quality of OTR tremendously. Our next move is to finish the audio, we should have that all done in a month or so as we are going to scrap the old set up and go with a direct camera hookup. I look forward to his return and plus he is the best moderator I have ever had! Bob if your reading this then give me a ring brother and let me know what is going on.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Haters, Biters and Morons Oh My!

I just figured I would take some time to rant a little bit in my blog. I know many people read this all over the country and the world as OTR has become quite a popular broadcast. I seem to have a handful of haters literally 5 people or so who really have some issue with me and to be honest it is kind of entertaining at times and bothersome at others. I am unsure why they come on the live stream at all but they will no longer be welcome as it is an annoyance and eyesore for me and the fans. I cant imagine what it would be like to be a famous person when your exposed to millions of people as opposed to thousands, I guess haters and idiots would be at every turn.

On last weeks show we had a couple stop by and I should have known when they arrived it would turn out like it always does, some woofing, insults, threats of violence and me banning them and them being pissed about it. If you have lost to me every time we have matched up then why come on line to bark at me when we most likely will never play and to say I suck which I guess compared to pros I do but compared to them I certainly do not as I have taken down the cash and do not object to playing them. I mean one moron goes out of his way to make a game with me and woof about it and then we never play, months go by and since he has no chance and he probably came to realize that, instead of playing he chooses to insult and woof online, kind of pathetic really.

I have had people ask my after they have overheard this little group of people talking about me negatively as to why they had such an axe to grind and I do not really have an answer for them. I know I am a decent person who tries to look out for others instead of just myself, perhaps that is why I am not money hungry and take my extra time for my hobby of OTR. The people who come to me laugh at these people anyway because those who know me like me and know that I am a stand up guy.

I have no problem with friendly online woofing and even some ribbing. But when you curse at someone in a chat room when my sponsors are possibly watching you are hurting my site and all the time and money that has been invested to make it successful and the benefit to the fans and the sport. Where I come from if you threaten someone or call them a name challenging their manhood well your usually going to get what is coming to you. It is easy to say these things behind a keyboard instead of face to face, most people I have met out here have been decent people but some talk the talk and don't have a leg to stand on.

I certainly feel that OTR has been very good for pool and fans, especially locally in Arizona but you will have the haters who will bash you for putting time and money into something where the monetary gain is little to none, its for the game and the fans. I am uncertain why they do it but I chalk it up to being haters, little drama queens who like to stir stuff up because they have no lives. All I can say to the haters is get a life and I am sorry you have done nothing for the pool, go spend your time doing something constructive instead of being a turd on the internet.

Now we can move on to the biters, these are people I am equally not fond of who will take ideas and designs and use it without asking or pick your brain and then run with it and not even say thank you. We have had people take sponsor banners we custom made and just take them off our site and use them on their site without the sponsor nor them asking us to use the design. Getting people riding your coat tails is not flattering, it is quite of an annoyance really.

On a better note it has been about a year since we officially have had OTR the website streaming and the new website that my partner Steve is designing is about to be launched I am hoping tomorrow for our Tuesday night broadcast. I was speaking to the owner of Kolby's the other day and a funny thing is we were the first pool room in the country to have a regularly broadcast tournament every Tuesday and probably the most broadcast from one room I am guessing.

I have plans to grow OTR and make it a place where people can watch pool more then just the 5-6 times a month we broadcast. With nearly 1600 people signed up for our newsletter and growing I am sure it will keep getting bigger. We average 2000-3000 viewers every stream with the most in one stream being 18,000 on a Tuesday night at Kolby's. I have seen other streams in AZ getting about 30 viewers because they do not have the following or quality we provide.

I would like to thank all our fans who have supported us and helped us grow and to the dedicated sponsors we have on board with us. Your appreciation and support far outweighs the occasional haters we get. To those who wish ill will and are reading this, why are you reading this right now?, get a life and lay off the Hatorade, most are here because they are fans and love the game.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny Video of a Trickshot Gone Wrong!

Just a short clip, enjoy!

New OTR Tshirts!

Well we have had a lot of people inquire on when we would do some new shirts so we came up with these, the slogan is one submitted from our contest we had on our site. Here is an image of what the shirts look like front and back. We have large, XL, and XXL for you guys, all are black with silver gray print, Gildan 6.1 shirts. If you were signed up for our newsletter then you got to take advantage of saving a few bucks just like when we released the Frost/Efren dvd. Just go to and go to the store and pick up one, here is what they look like.