Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Southern California Fun Trip

Well I went to visit a good friend of mine Jay Smith, sounds like a made up name considering it is one of the most popular names in the country but I assure you its real, haha. I needed a break from the Arizona heat so I packed a bag and hit the road headed for Long Beach.

It was an uneventful journey along the I-10 West, the scenery is just wide open desert until you see the wind power generators in Palm Springs along with the mountains there. I did enjoy the time along just driving listening to The Doors and some Nine Inch Nails along the way.

I make it to my friend Jays place which is the guest house at his aunt's home in Long Beach, a fairly big place close to the ocean. We went out for some cook your own Korean BBQ which was interesting, I ate some octopus for the first time and it was a good albeit a bit chewy.

We went out later that night for some pool and brews on 1st street hitting up some pubs and ended up at a place called the Reno Room. To our surprise there was two Diamond bar tables in there with quarters lined up and people having good times. We got our quarters down and could not be beat the whole night, playing for drinks and having a blast. We won a few drinks at the previous bar but this place was bigger and more people so usually that is more fun too. We left that night being owed drinks so we might go back and collect one day.

I realized pool is more than gambling and the pressure of tournaments, the social fun aspect is great in the game. For myself this is what drew me into pool in the first place, the friendly social competition with strangers who you make fast friends with. Its really what the game has been for so long and will be for as long as we are alive, a game we all can enjoy.

We went the next day to Huntington Beach and just relaxed, a good day in the sun. My dream is to one day live by the ocean with a big pool table and a nice view. Imagine hitting the balls around and watching the waves roll in, that is a pool players paradise.

I am heading out on a road trip cross country soon, and no its not the road trip your thinking of with pool gambling, its the see the country type road trip. I think it will be fun to just head out and drive, seeing places I have heard, read about or saw on TV. I will try and keep people informed on my times in these places and hopefully I can find some hidden treasures like the Reno Room. Here is a picture of me and my good friend Jay at the Reno Room from that night. Later and be well my friends.