Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doing Well in Tournament Play

Well as of late I have been playing okay and doing well in tournaments, getting to the finals in 5 out the last 7 tournaments I have played in. I really feel like my game is become a bit more consistent and solid but I still have a way to go to get where I would like to be but regardless the progress is showing which is why I think most of diehards play pool. I think I would not enjoy the game as much if I were not making progress, I know in pool learning never stops either.

I still am working on Power One Pocket so hopefully that will be done soon like before the year is over. I just want it to be done well and for the one pocket players out there to get the most for there money. I am excited because I know there is just so much knowledge in it for people to learn from.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on My Return

Well it has been interesting to get back in the game with a fresh outlook on it all. I am streaming again and its pretty enjoyable even though the following is not what it was primarily because people might not know I am back and streaming but still getting a few hundred viewers is cool. I do have some plans to make improvements on the stream if I can find the funding, perhaps an HD camera would help a bit but mainly the connection for the net at Kolbys needs to be improved, it is terrible.

As for playing pool it has been going okay, some wins and losses, as of late I am a slight winner including my last 3 tournaments getting into the finals besides one yesterday where I stunk it up playing terribly. I have realized I need to get physically in better shape and raise my stamina. With my infant daughter it is tough to be rested because I am up early and also in the middle of the night so good sleep is tough to come by and your mind and body needs that. I am looking to see how I come together with some rest and getting fit, I think my game will go up and I can avenge my losses because Lenny the Lock does not like to lose.

One thing that I really need to get going is Power One Pocket. We have hit some hurdles in trying to get it finished unfortunately. We did all the shooting which was half the battle and the other half of it is to have it edited. I had an editor but he had some issues and had to leave the country, the editing was unfinished, I do not have the time line I gave him which is used for the editing so the editor knows what to use and where everything goes. I have to do the time line which is time consuming but I should have it done soon and hopefully the new editor can put it together and get it out to the masses who are looking forward to it. Well gotta run. Watch, play and support pool my friends.