Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doing Well in Tournament Play

Well as of late I have been playing okay and doing well in tournaments, getting to the finals in 5 out the last 7 tournaments I have played in. I really feel like my game is become a bit more consistent and solid but I still have a way to go to get where I would like to be but regardless the progress is showing which is why I think most of diehards play pool. I think I would not enjoy the game as much if I were not making progress, I know in pool learning never stops either.

I still am working on Power One Pocket so hopefully that will be done soon like before the year is over. I just want it to be done well and for the one pocket players out there to get the most for there money. I am excited because I know there is just so much knowledge in it for people to learn from.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on My Return

Well it has been interesting to get back in the game with a fresh outlook on it all. I am streaming again and its pretty enjoyable even though the following is not what it was primarily because people might not know I am back and streaming but still getting a few hundred viewers is cool. I do have some plans to make improvements on the stream if I can find the funding, perhaps an HD camera would help a bit but mainly the connection for the net at Kolbys needs to be improved, it is terrible.

As for playing pool it has been going okay, some wins and losses, as of late I am a slight winner including my last 3 tournaments getting into the finals besides one yesterday where I stunk it up playing terribly. I have realized I need to get physically in better shape and raise my stamina. With my infant daughter it is tough to be rested because I am up early and also in the middle of the night so good sleep is tough to come by and your mind and body needs that. I am looking to see how I come together with some rest and getting fit, I think my game will go up and I can avenge my losses because Lenny the Lock does not like to lose.

One thing that I really need to get going is Power One Pocket. We have hit some hurdles in trying to get it finished unfortunately. We did all the shooting which was half the battle and the other half of it is to have it edited. I had an editor but he had some issues and had to leave the country, the editing was unfinished, I do not have the time line I gave him which is used for the editing so the editor knows what to use and where everything goes. I have to do the time line which is time consuming but I should have it done soon and hopefully the new editor can put it together and get it out to the masses who are looking forward to it. Well gotta run. Watch, play and support pool my friends.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Back!

Well it was a short break but it was much needed. I took some time with my family and to get caught back up with things. I still am a bit unsure of what my plans are and if I will be streaming on Tuesday nights but I will be playing when I want and streaming the one pocket the last Saturday of the month also. I do have plans on streaming the $6000 added BCAPL Sept.1st-5th that is taken place at Ft. McDowell Hotel and Casino here in AZ. I do hope many players come out for this also.

I got my cue back from Richard Hsu and he did a great job on the engraving in the butt of my Jerry Rauenzahn and it sparked me to want to play some more too. Here are some pics of it, enjoy and see you on the stream this Saturday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taking a Hiatus

Well after months of thinking about it I have done it, I am taking a break from pool for a bit, perhaps a couple of weeks or who knows. I have realized I am burnt out and need to get my mind and body in better shape along with spending more time with my family. I have lost the desire and stamina mentally and physically to win and am just kind of tapping balls around which is no good. I recently have been on a bit of a losing streak also as I said with no real desire to win and no focus but I hate to lose also, the games are tougher with tougher players too. I am doing good money wise this year playing pool because I keep tabs on it, I am up more then last year too which I did not think would happen.

My plans are to mountain bike, swim, and try to get in shape along with some meditation. I plan on spending quality time with my family and getting things in order that have kind of gotten out of order with my time being taken up so much by pool and streaming. I was becoming a bit overwhelmed really with it all. I would like to continue streaming perhaps a bit less and also would like to upgrade to HD but right now the camera is not in the budget. Perhaps when Power One Pocket is released and makes some money I can put it into OTR and make some upgrades.

Well just wanted to sign off for now but I will be back my friends, later.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of Action to Report

Well guys I have been in and around action, the blog post below was from when I went to Alabama and Vegas, well I went back to Vegas again. I played Jude though before I left giving 9-7 playing one pocket for $2,000 in the middle.

Me and Jude did our usual barking, we decided to play couple weeks back for $1000 each with me giving 9-7 in a 5 ahead one pocket battle. He won the first 2 games and when I got settled in I won 7 in a row to take it down. After that I went to Vegas to watch Scott playing Dippy Dave aka Viffer aka David Peat who is a pro poker player some high dollar 9 ball. I also wanted to bet a bit on the side.

I went to Vegas with my mentor as I call him, Jimmy Langston who owns Kolby's Corner Pocket in Tempe AZ. He has taught me a good deal about one pocket and I enjoy his company and life stories. We went on the road to Vegas and got up there with Scott and Dippy already in the pit at Pool Sharks ready to get it on. The first set I believe was for $30,000, Scott giving up the 5 ball, the breaks and ball in hand after the break, 15 ahead, Dippy also got 2 games on the wire.

Scott wins that set and then it goes to about $50,000 a set which Scott wins, then I think $55,000 is in the middle for the 3rd set. Scott gets there again but with some drama that only a writer for a Hollywood movie could have composed, it was unreal and one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I got to get together and have dinner after being trapped up in the poolroom for about 18 hours or so for the 3 sets. It was a memorable dinner with me, Jimmy, Scott, Billy Incadona, Ed Kelly, Ronnie Wiseman, Jack Cooney and a few others at the table breaking bread, I will never forget it. It was me and these legends chopping up some cash and having a good time.

I got back and got more action with a guy from Ohio, he offers 9-8 for $40 a game with Jimmy betting $20 a game on the side, I end up playing even eventually at a $100 a game and win about $600 and Jimmy wins $200. The guy was not the nicest guy, perhaps it was the alcohol but I did not care for it and refused to play him again even though we were going to play the next night for $5000. He stalled on me as I waited to play so I just said to hell with it and did not bother, I am not waiting 3 hours to play anyone when they say 1 hour. I am sure we will play again down the road as long as he is a gentleman.

I am almost done with Power One Pocket, got delayed with all the action and being out of town along with recently moving. Life is funny like that but I will be relieved when its done, lots of people have been asking me when it will be done. I would say late in July just to be safe. Well gotta run and get some rest. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Little Streaming Adventure from Phoenix to Alabama and Vegas w/ the Freezer


Well it was a fun past couple weeks of streaming at and I got to meet quite a few people on the way from here at AZB. I will start off on May 1st with Preacher Ronn and Scott Frost playing the 7 ahead for $2,000, Scott gave up 11-4 and got all the breaks. It took 30 hours and some encouragement but Scott got there and played some great pool towards the end and Ronn played well to hold him off and get to +5 at one point.

Scott came over to me at one point when they were even and Ronn offered for them to quit about 25 hours, he asked if he should or not, I said no because Ronn asked to quit which showed weakness plus he said his feet were hurting. Scott got fired up and played some great one pocket to take it off running 8s, 9s, 10s, and 11s like most people run 2-3 balls. I included a video of some of the stuff, got so much footage to go through from that and will post up more of his runs.

After a couple days I had recouped and later on in the week on Thursday Scott calls me and says he wants me to go to Alabama because he is going to play Cliff. I have like 2 hours to make up my mind, I am not one who likes to make plans like that last minute because I would be streaming and have other obligations too. I decide to go to the Billiard Club in Mobile and bring all the action to everyone and go on the road with Scott for the first time. I am glad I did.


So now its the 8th, a week after playing Ronn, Scott is playing Cliff 8 ahead one pocket for $6,000 a man. The room owner Bear is staking Cliff. I am there until Tuesday because who knows how long 8 ahead will take, I mean last time I sweated for 30 hours straight. This was the first time Scott has ever spotted Cliff so he was a little nervous but confident. Cliff played decent but could not fend off Scott who was pocketing much better and would make Cliff pay for mistakes. Scott wins in around 8 hours and takes it down. I have the videos of the match and will post up the links to it also.

For those who were saying Cliff was dumping are just wrong plain and simple. Cliff thought he could win as he was playing better including coming off a win the night before in a one pocket tournament. Me and Scott wanted to get action online and iusedtoberich posted a line of 6-4 and would take $1000 worth of action, I thought that was too much and offered 6-5 for the whole thing but he got his fill so I made a line of 7-5. Now use your head dump theorist, if there was business I would have known and gave the several people who wanted action the 7-4 that they asked me for and could have won a couple thousand but 7-4 is too close to 2-1 so I declined along with Scott.

We moved onto another room as The Billiard Club owner Bear kicked Cliff out thinking he had dumped him which was a bad move IMO but Cliff does have a bad rep. I thought we were not treated too good there so we went on to Breakers Billiards which is owned by Ricky Byrd. He is a real good action guy and a very nice guy to boot. Scott and him set up a game, 9-4 and the breaks for Ricky! The action was 500 a game with me and Jimmy betting 100 each on the side, Scott finished 7 games up after playing like God on him to get there.

The next day they play again but not the same way, this time Ricky gets the hit and 4 picks, pretty tough game for Scott, Scott finished up 2 games at $1000 each before they called it quits. I had to leave Scott in Mobile to get back home, he still stayed and got into some more action, I believe him and Cliff played again perhaps 8-7 and Ricky and Scott played more also. I got to see some decent one pocket with a young gun David Tress playing another young guy, those bama boys like one pocket, shoot straight and bet it. I look forward to my next trip out there.

It was fun to meet Gulfport Doc and George (gbru), both are very nice guys. George even drove me and Kolby's room owner Jimmy Langston who came with me and Scott on the trip to the airport, was very nice of him to do that considering it was over an hour drive. I also got to meet his pooch at his home and play some one pocket too. I cant forget stopping at a seafood place which was on the Mobile Bay, great stuff and thanks to George for taking us there. The only downside of the trip was we could not get a rental car anyplace, that stunk so we just got a hotel close to the poolroom.

I get home and have 3 days to get caught up with my work along with other things in life and spend sometime with my family also. My beautiful and understanding wife who I am lucky to have and lets me go overboard with my hobby, my 8 year old going on 18 son and my 1 year old princess were all happy to see me along with my dog Kolby.

Las Vegas

So early on Saturday the 15th I head to Vegas all by myself. Its a 5 hour drive that leads you over the Hoover Dam which is an okay drive but really the only highlight of the drive is the dam and bridge they are building there, otherwise its a bore. I show up to Pool Sharks and there is action going on in the pit 24-7 with some good betting. I sweated Jean-Robert Bellande playing Archie the Greek some 500 then 700 a game and got some footage of that too.

I hook up with the owner John to get myself set up, he is a very nice guy who is sharp and loves the game and action. Katie who works there who most everyone knows who has been there is awesome, she does a hell of a job there. I got to meet up with Borana and her partner Thomas right away as soon as I walked in. Dropped them off at the Riv to save them cab fare as that stuff always adds up.

I am setup and streaming at around 7pm or so, we are supposed to go off at 9pm depending on the ladies schedules but they both end up starting at around 1130 or so and it last around 8 hours for the race to 21 for $2000 9 ball.

It was a good close match with both of the girls with Borana being up 5-1 at one point I believe and then Melinda got up 17-14, she stayed at 17 as Borana got to the hill, OMGWTF could have taken it double hill but she missed a fairly easy 7 ball which sealed her fate and Borana won 21-19. Borana took down the $2000 and the Crown Cue which is pictured below along with links to the match.

OMGWTF challenged Borana right after to play in NY for $4000, so we shall see what becomes of that, I would not mind streaming that match either if the ladies will have me again. I have to say they both have a ton of heart and determination, they played their matches all day and then played until the morning with their match, kudos to both. I know they both were not happy with their play but as I said they had been playing on bar tables all day and were certainly fatigued, would like to see them both fresh.

It was a pleasure to meet many of the people in Vegas, so many I cant list them all, Eric Crisp, Eric, the KOD team, Megan Smith, Pool Addict (Chris), John Schmidt and Thorsten who jumped in the booth also and especially Tina Pawloski who spent a good deal of time in there along with Jay Helfert. The diehard who closed out the match was Bobby Dickerson, he hung in with me til the end and helped commentate the last couple hours, saved him some cab fare too.

I also did get to meet Amanda Lampert, she is a real gem and looks even prettier in person, who could not love the polish viking. Meeting the boys from Runout Media was cool, both real cool guys whose future in the industry looks bright and its refreshing too. I did not get to hook up with Fatboy or Trigger which was a little disappointing though. I did get to meet John Morra, a nice young guy who loves to play pool, saved his some cab fare too and drove him to the Riv. If I left anyone out I am sorry, I was just overloaded with people and its almost 3am now.

I picked up Scott on Monday from the airport, saved him some cab fare, so far the cab fare I saved people has to be around $100, haha. We go to the Riv where we meet up with Billy and then have dinner, meeting Billy was awesome and I was glad I had a few beers to keep myself relaxed because I was very excited to meet him.

We had dinner and then went to Pool Sharks where the action is in full swing, Jeremy Jones giving Dippy 19-5 in one pocket, I saw Ronnie Allen in the house too. It was time for me to go so I left Scott and Billy and headed back home, got about 100 miles away from home and just could not drive much more so I crashed out at a rest stop, was glad to finally get home though, might head back up there this weekend perhaps though.

Enjoy the videos and thanks again to all the people who supported me on this trip and also my sponsors who help me to bring the pool to you all. It is a great game which I love and I am sure you do too. Next for OTR is Grady Mathews vs John Henderson on June 7th at Kolby's in Tempe AZ, 4 ahead one pocket for $3000 each, hope to see you all there.

The Crown Cue awarded to Borana Andoni, what a nice cue this is, hated to part ways with it.

Scott vs Preacher Ronn, not complete but a ton of Footage!

Frost Youtube Runout Video, not the best but I still have much to go through.

Scott vs Cliff

Jean-Robert Bellande vs Archie the Greek

OMGWTF vs Borana

Monday, April 12, 2010

Enjoying Pool Lately and Working Hard!

I have been really enjoying pool lately. I have been playing well winning some gambling and also took 2nd to Scott Frost at Kolby's One Pocket tournament 2 weeks back and a few days later split with Ashea Erdahl in the finals of the Tuesday night 9 ball. I think things are starting to really click and come together, got 2 videos to show recently that I shot, one is a 12 & out in one pocket and a break and run in 8 ball.

The Power One Pocket with Scott Frost is coming along and hope to have it released in May sometime, cant wait but want it to be right. I also am working on some other things to in and out of pool, gotta keep moving forward and making progress. I really love this game but I do find myself spending a little too much time in it for it to be just a hobby. Here are the vids and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting Started on Power One Pocket

Well finally we are getting started, we did a test shoot before Scott Frost went to Reno for the USBTC. I am looking forward to getting it done and out there for everyone, should be the best one pocket DVD ever made if I can help it. I love one pocket and want everyone who gets it to learn something from it regardless of the skill level they have. I think it should be done in a month or so and it will be something no one has ever seen before, something new and fresh. Here is the trailer, enjoy it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It Has Been Awhile...

It certainly has been a bit since I updated this but I figured I should and I am coming off a loss tonight so I thought I might ramble a bit. As of late my game is improving and growing which means I am moving ahead of the guys I have played and matched up with and have to give more weight. These tough games are challenging me and it is good in some ways but I have to do what I need to do as far as improving and I am not sure if all this tough action is good or bad for my game.

If I am winning it builds confidence but the close/tough loss can really put me in a bad state of mind. I think the best thing I can do is practice and just play more for the love of the game and not the money because then you lose sight of why you began playing in the first place. Are you playing pool for the action or the love of the game?, I think the action has been controlling me in some aspects.

I love pool and just want to improve and I know gambling comes into play as does tournaments but practicing and enjoying it is what really matters. Well time to hit the sack, can be tough sleeping after a loss but tomorrow is a new day with a clean slate.