Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AZ 1 Pocket State Championship

This was a great event and I enjoyed it very much.I got to play in the tourney thanks to Charles from California who is a good friend of San Jose Dick.I was tired with only 2 hours sleep as usual because before these things go off I dont seem to get any sleep.
The event had 46 players I believe some coming from California and all over the state of Arizona.I made it to the 4th round and lost,my last match was with Martin Bick from California who shot very well.I met alot of good one pocket players and enthusiast of the game at the event.Scott Frost finished 1st place at the event undefeated with Gus Briseno taking 2nd,Leil Gay the 1997 US Open One Pocket Champion took 3rd.Carlos Avalos and myself took the 8 and Under side pot for the tournament.I look forward to playing and streaming this event again,we got alot of good footage and had 8000 viewers just on Sunday alone.The next event is 10 ball up in Tucson,I have never been to Tucson but look forward to it.
Fast Lenny

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Cue!

Well it is finally finished and is on its way to me,should have it any day now,here are some pics of my Albrecht Custom,it is ebony and tulipwood,handle is cored with purpleheart.This also has a G10 pin which is a glass based phenolic,very light and strong material,in the J/B you can see it is a clear whitish color,the one in my player is black,very cool.Here are pics of both my J/B and player made by Dave Albrecht,also a video of me using my J/B,click on the pics to make them bigger.Make sure to check out www.albrechtcustomcues.com
Fast Lenny

Monday, October 6, 2008

Outcome of Me and Justin AKA Justabangers Match

Well it was a bad match for both of us,neither of us played very good.I won the one pocket fairly easily 5-2,was dissapointed I did not play better though.I won the 9 ball 11-6 and it was emabarrassing how badly we both played in 9 ball.I think that we both play much better but neither of us showed up to play.I am happy that I won and still have my title but look forward to my next match with whatever 8 rated player is put in front of me.I have a few guys I would be interested in playing so we will see,maybe at the end of this month I will have another opponent.That was the 3rd time I won one of these challenge matches,will I lose?,anything is possible but I wont go quietly.
Lenny the Lock

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Justabanger & I Matchup!

Well today is the day we matchup for the King of AZ 8's Crown and some cash.We will be playing 1 pocket,9 ball and 8 ball.I have to say I am nervous,he seems to be the opponent with the most firepower out of the other guys I have faced and has a monster break.I do think it will be a good matchup,I do consider Justin a good aquaintance and we have played before in tournaments where we were 1 for 1.I think I will win the one pocket with ease and he might take down the 9 ball,8 ball will be a toss up but you never know,someone could sweep all 3.I will play smart because right now I am not playing well at all.I did take 4th place last night out of 28 players so I feel better then I did before.Well I will put up the results after I play today if your not tuning in to www.ontherailtv.com to watch,either way it will be a good match.