Monday, November 23, 2009

Results from The King of AZ 8's Match!

Thanks Carlos for the good games we had, it was not an easy match and the closest and toughest I have had, boy am I spent after that. We both showcased some good pool and gave away some games too.

The final scores were 4-2 Lenny in the one pocket, 8-6 Carlos in the bar table 8 ball and 100-98 Lenny in the 14.1. It was a nail biter at the end with me getting my high run in 14.1 also.

I was down 98 to 79 and ran the remaining 5 balls in a rack setting up for a good breakshot and it was 98-84, I ran that rack to make it 98-98 with another good break shot and got the remaining 2 for 21 and out. I continued to pocket balls after we were finished and ran another rack setting up for a break shot but got too straight with no break shot, the run ended at 35, my previous was 31.

I do feel Carlos is a better player then I am and I just squeaked it out, he played one pocket very well and did not leave much, I had to make some very tough shots and many banks. In the 8 ball we both gave eachother alot of games and also played some decent games too with safes and runouts.

The 14.1 win or lose for me was interesting since neither of us really play it. 14.1 was decided by Sarah at Kolby's drawing it out of a pitcher. Carlos wrote 9 ball on one piece of paper and 10 ball on another, I wrote 14.1 and banks, wanted to pick golf instead of 14.1 but I guess its not in the BCA rule book. It was fun and I am glad to have my crown back with a 4-0 record.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Challenge Match in a Few Hours...

Well I was King of the 8's beating 3 guys to have it and when I got bumped to a 9 I had to surrender it but now the whole state has been lowered and I want it back. I am playing Carlos Avalos who is back2good1 on AZ Billiard and really am looking forward to this match. He is a very good player and will be my toughest opponent for sure. He beat Jerry Stuckart in there challenge pretty good so it should be interesting.

I picked one pocket for my game of choice, he picked bar box 8 ball, we will each pick 2 games put them in a hot if a 3rd game is needed. I hope I win the one pocket so I can take a shot in the 8 ball which I am an underdog in. I was going to live stream it but I just really want to play, no dealing with equipment and whatever else. I just want to play well win or lose, cant lie I am a bit nervous because I know I am probably the underdog.

Well in 10 hours I will find out so I will post up what happens, stay tuned.

The Lock

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Latest Cue and Latest Happenings

Well I picked up this cue recently and really like it, I was lucky enough to have a buddy of mine Steve work out a cash/trade deal to get this bad boy. I have wanted a cue from Jerry Rauenzahn for some time now and this one is just perfect. All the white is ivory besides the buttcap which is delrin. The cue is the best stainless jointed cue I have played with.

My game as of late has picked up a bit, playing about a ball better then I was a couple months ago which is nice to be improving. Something just clicked and I am pocketing balls and playing shape much better which makes it easier to keep pocketing balls. I took 2nd in the Kolbys Wild Ball this past Tuesday and played okay, getting up with my daughter at 7am each day makes it tough as the matches run late, finals was at about 2am and I had no gas left.

I played my first night of league pool tonight, it was okay, its UPA and its 8 ball on the big tables. I like 8 ball and the big tables sold me on it along with my good friend Jimmy Langston from Kolby's twisting my arm a bit. I played 2 guys practice matches to learn the scoring system. The 1st guy had to go to 2 games and myself since they rated me a 5 unseen going to 3, won that 3-0. The 2nd guy is a 6 so I have to go to 3 and he has to go to 4, I win 3-1.

I noticed most of the league players do not play well on the big tables especially the one we played on with 4 1/8 inch pockets, hanging and missing too many balls. I think it will be fun and we have a strong team, the strongest there and I think we are a lock to win this 16 week session. I am not a league player and kind of laugh at the league stuff and how serious they take it when I see them playing but its 8 ball on big tables and its a change of pace.

Well here are some pics of my Jerry R to drool over, take care.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NY Trip & My Return

Well last week I was in NY for 10 days and it kind of stunk, rain and more rain. I did not get to play my old friend Charlie which I was hoping to do, but I did get to stop by Gallery Billiards. I saw alot of my old friends there and got into some small action, side betting on games, played some 9 ball and broke even playing some one pocket. I hope to get Gallery live streaming out on Newburgh as it would be nice to watch them play, good shooters there and just great people.

I am glad to be back home with my family, I did get to go play on Tuesday and live stream the Kolbys tournament. I did get to pick the chip that adds money to the Kolbys tourney, $900 the day before I went to NY. Basically a chip is drawn every Tuesday and if it matches the day of the month the money is added to the tourney. I got into some action with Jude aka Bad Company finally, he stopped by to pay off some sweat bets and the woofing went on with Scott Frost offering to play him 5 ahead giving 11-2 for $2000 but he did not want to play the freezeman.

He said he would play me so we got to talking about a game and agreed $50 a game and me giving 8-7 and the first break and play winner breaks but I wont the first game and he pulled up stating he needed the breaks the whole time so I agreed, fastest adjustment I ever seen. We went back and forth for a bit and then we agreed on a race to 3 for $100, Scott had a piece of my action as he sometimes gives me a piece of his, he told me to bare down and stop playing so loose. I did and won 3-0, sometimes having a champion in your corner helps out because I had an hour sleep and was sick so I found myself not performing.

Neither one of us played well but Jude said to stop by his room which is Clicks in Phoenix and play some and we would play even doing the same thing. Perhaps I will make the trip when I feel better, home court advantage is big though so it will be interesting to see what happens. I do respect his gamble and atleast he stepped up and played, more then I can say for many who bark and talk but never play. I have had a few people make games with me and never show or back out, you either need gamble or heart, dig deep and play hard to win.