Saturday, January 8, 2011

It Has Been Awhile

Well let me ramble for a bit as I cant sleep and much has been going on. Power One Pocket is done and my big shipment will be here in a few days. We did a pre-order sale with a free tee shirt for the first 50 people and it filled up in less than 2 days! I am heading to Derby with a 100 of them and look for them to sell out. I really hope it all goes well and we sell them out and then I will consider it successful, the goal is to sell 300 in the next couple of months and I think we will.

This is my first year at the Derby City Classic so it should be a fun experience especially with Scott Frost playing Efren Reyes for $10,000 racing to 11 over 2 days. I am really excited about it and have got some bets in also so I am sweating it which is always fun. I look forward to seeing my buddy George from Mobile who is a heck of a nice guy. My friend Jimmy is coming along, he is the one who beat Grady Mathews, not sure if they will play again but it should be interesting to see how they are around one another.

I am not sure if I am bringing my cue or not since I will be sweating and betting and doubt I will play anyone but it might not hurt. I am already going to be loaded with my clothes, DVD's and shirts to sell for POP. I am also going to bring a camera with me so I can record some stuff and do a little documentary of sorts for me going to Derby.

I finished off 2010 with over $10,000 in pool related wins and about $1,400 in losses which was nice. I am unsure if I will top it or not this year but it all depends on how it starts, I am a couple hundred up and hope to make a couple thousand at Derby. Well time to get off here and get some rest. Happy New Year everyone!