Thursday, December 11, 2008

Desert Classic Tour 8 Ball at Bullshooters

Well it was a good event with Mitch Ellerman taking the win over Gus Briseno convincingly.I went 2 and out and played horribly,lost both matches I believe 8-4.I played well the day before which is what really bothered me because I expected to do okay but then again in 8 ball if you dont break and run out or get out when the other guy misses your toast.I also did not play safes very well at all,actually I did not play smart,usually I think to lock the guy up and play safe getting ball in hand and running out but I just played bad.I enjoyed the event at Bullshooters and they do take care of us there.George Teyechea provided some great commentary for the event and I am glad he did,its a pleasure to work with George.Well the next event will be at the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino in Payson Arizona on January 9-11,it is the finale for the season and will be 10 ball on Diamond 7 footers,I will be playing!
Fast Lenny