Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of Action to Report

Well guys I have been in and around action, the blog post below was from when I went to Alabama and Vegas, well I went back to Vegas again. I played Jude though before I left giving 9-7 playing one pocket for $2,000 in the middle.

Me and Jude did our usual barking, we decided to play couple weeks back for $1000 each with me giving 9-7 in a 5 ahead one pocket battle. He won the first 2 games and when I got settled in I won 7 in a row to take it down. After that I went to Vegas to watch Scott playing Dippy Dave aka Viffer aka David Peat who is a pro poker player some high dollar 9 ball. I also wanted to bet a bit on the side.

I went to Vegas with my mentor as I call him, Jimmy Langston who owns Kolby's Corner Pocket in Tempe AZ. He has taught me a good deal about one pocket and I enjoy his company and life stories. We went on the road to Vegas and got up there with Scott and Dippy already in the pit at Pool Sharks ready to get it on. The first set I believe was for $30,000, Scott giving up the 5 ball, the breaks and ball in hand after the break, 15 ahead, Dippy also got 2 games on the wire.

Scott wins that set and then it goes to about $50,000 a set which Scott wins, then I think $55,000 is in the middle for the 3rd set. Scott gets there again but with some drama that only a writer for a Hollywood movie could have composed, it was unreal and one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I got to get together and have dinner after being trapped up in the poolroom for about 18 hours or so for the 3 sets. It was a memorable dinner with me, Jimmy, Scott, Billy Incadona, Ed Kelly, Ronnie Wiseman, Jack Cooney and a few others at the table breaking bread, I will never forget it. It was me and these legends chopping up some cash and having a good time.

I got back and got more action with a guy from Ohio, he offers 9-8 for $40 a game with Jimmy betting $20 a game on the side, I end up playing even eventually at a $100 a game and win about $600 and Jimmy wins $200. The guy was not the nicest guy, perhaps it was the alcohol but I did not care for it and refused to play him again even though we were going to play the next night for $5000. He stalled on me as I waited to play so I just said to hell with it and did not bother, I am not waiting 3 hours to play anyone when they say 1 hour. I am sure we will play again down the road as long as he is a gentleman.

I am almost done with Power One Pocket, got delayed with all the action and being out of town along with recently moving. Life is funny like that but I will be relieved when its done, lots of people have been asking me when it will be done. I would say late in July just to be safe. Well gotta run and get some rest. Hope you guys enjoy this.