Monday, April 12, 2010

Enjoying Pool Lately and Working Hard!

I have been really enjoying pool lately. I have been playing well winning some gambling and also took 2nd to Scott Frost at Kolby's One Pocket tournament 2 weeks back and a few days later split with Ashea Erdahl in the finals of the Tuesday night 9 ball. I think things are starting to really click and come together, got 2 videos to show recently that I shot, one is a 12 & out in one pocket and a break and run in 8 ball.

The Power One Pocket with Scott Frost is coming along and hope to have it released in May sometime, cant wait but want it to be right. I also am working on some other things to in and out of pool, gotta keep moving forward and making progress. I really love this game but I do find myself spending a little too much time in it for it to be just a hobby. Here are the vids and enjoy!