Thursday, September 25, 2008

Preacher Ronn's One Pocket Tourney this Past Weekend

Well it was a good tourney and I went 2 for 2 in it,both matches I lost were hill-hill so I played ok.Ronn and Muaz Arshad faced off in the finals with Muaz winning,they both played well.I have to say I enjoy this tournament but it is usually the last Saturday of the month but this month it was a week earlier because the AWBT will be there playing an event the last weekend of the month.I hope to play better for next months event and try to top my 3rd place finish from last month.

Monday, September 15, 2008

AZ Desert Classic Stop #6 at Bullshooters

This was bar box 8 ball and it was a great event as always by the tour.Bullshooters recovered and leveled all the bar tables to make the event perfect.We were unable to broadcast Saturday due to some technical problems beyond my control but Sunday had a good viewship with nearly 500 people tuning in to watch the 7 hours of bar table action.I really enjoy doing the tour and it was alot of fun to watch.Rudy Alameda won over Jimmy Mendoza and Nick DeLeon too 3rd,congrats to all the players including Jack Scerca who took 4th place.Here are some pics of the top 3 finishers from Rixx Images,check out his site at .

Jude Vs Justin AKA Bad Company Vs justabanger

These guys both matched up in a much barked about gambling matchup for $150 a set,they ended up breaking even after many hours of play.I have to say it was interesting to see them play,I have never saw Jude play before and was impressed with his game only being rated an 8 like myself.I do plan on playing Justin sometime soon in a Shootout format,should be a good match.I do believe me and Jude will also play too and look forward to that also.I thank both guys for coming out and playing,it was 4 sets of some good gambling action by 2 decent players.
Fast Lenny

Monday, September 1, 2008

Preacher Ronn's One Pocket Invitational

This is an event I have thought of streaming and when I spoke with Ronn the weekend prior at Bullshooter he was happy to have me there and thought it was great idea.I was uncertain whether I would play in the event as I have to stream it and streaming takes alot to do and keep an eye on,big distraction when your trying to play,plus I had one hour of sleep since I got home at 7am from a 10 hour session at the poolhall of gambling.San Jose Dick stopped by and said he was putting me in and could not turn down his offer.

I played my first match against a guy named Mike and beat him in 2-1 in the race to 2 double elimination format,he was not too happy and said I was lucky mainly because he got bad rolls and scratched,the only thing I could think was he was lucky I only had an hour sleep and didn't make him pay for his mistakes like I should have.My next opponent was Rick Cosman and he played great,it was tough match and after Rick scratched I ran the 6 balls I needed for the win and took the set 2-1.

The next match I had was with Preacher Ronn himself,this guy is a great one pocket player and gives alot of A players 2 balls in one hole.He had to give me a spot in the tourney of 10-8,the previous 2 matches were even but I knew the 2 ball spot wasn't going to be huge and he could outrun it.He beat me the first game on his break and I beat him the 2nd rack,they were both down to the wire.The 3rd rack I started putting balls by my pocket when the score was 5-4 in his favor,I set a trap and got some good rolls,he made a mistake and I got the score to 6-5 in my favor.With the ball in my pocket that I banked he tried to jump the ball off the table while making my ball at the same time so the balls would spot,he miscued and conceded the game to me.I felt great to win and played solid to win against one of AZ's top one hole players.

My next match was for the hot seat against Arizona 14.1 State Champion Bernie Pettipiece,he just got back from the World's 14.1 in NJ.He had to give me 11-8 and I lost the match 2-0 ,the first rack was a grind but then I saw a dead ball if I kicked the stack right it would give me the ball and the win but I hit the stack wrong lost.The second rack I played badly and gave him an easy win.He is a great player and a real gentleman,we talked and I think I have someone to get some knowledge from and we will be playing once a week.

I was guaranteed 3rd at this point and was happy with how I performed but had no energy to beat Rick Cosman to get into the finals with Bernie and played horribly so Rick coasted to the finals where he lost 2-1 against Bernie.Both of these players I enjoyed playing and they play great and are true gentleman who praised my play.I did get to play Bernie,Ronn and others while we were waiting for some matches and one some games against these players even which showed me I can play with them even though I am the underdog,but I wont go into my pocket thinking I have a chance at gambling with them.

The fun had just begun though as we were at Kolbys in Tempe which always has action going and I got to see San Jose Dick,Jimmy the owner,Jeff Thomas and Ronn play some partners golf on the pool table.Ronn and Jimmy stepped out after several hour of play but the die hards stayed in,74 year old Dick stayed in playing Jeff Thomas $100 a game $10 a hicky.He played for 25 hours total as he came in for the one hole at about 11am and and was there til noon the next day playing Jeff!I was there until about 8 am and got 3 sets of action playing a 9 some ever 9 ball,I am rated an 8,he quit after I wont 3 sets.

All in all it was alot of fun and for my birthday weekend as mine is today,Monday September 1st it was all I could have wanted,a good finish in my first one pocket tournament and alot of action!My next stream will most likely be some action challenge matches,perhaps my best friend and gambling/tourney partner Jay Smith Aka Southern Jay/Jay Burner.Well I am off to enjoy my birthday today and have alot of fun I hope,29 years young!

Fast Lenny

Arizona Desert Classic Tour Stop #5

It was 9 ball on the big table at Bullshooters in PHX and I streamed it both days on the 23rd and 24th.Mitch Ellerman beat Chuck Evans in the finals,Mitch played some great 9 ball that weekend running through the field with relative ease.I enjoyed the weekend and thanks to Bullshooters for accomadating us so well in there very nice room which is the largest I believe in the state of Arizona.

While I was there I got to play some one pocket with Bull and it was alot of fun,look forward to playing with him again.I also had the chance to play with a TAD cue,not one but with 2 for the first time ever and both in one day.One was owned by Ray Robles Aka Big Cat on AZ Billiards, his was a traditional maple cue with a phenolic joint,it hit very nicely.

The other was owned by JR Aka Getnbzy on AZ Billiards and his was a 4 point TAD with windows in the butt of the cue,this cue was gorgeous and was stainless steel jointed.It is my dream cue by far,you have to be lucky to own one of these $4,000 beauties.I got to play a race to 7 with JR and won luckily hill-hill,he played great breaking and running the first 2 racks.Here are pictures below of JR's TAD and then Rays TAD,click on the images to make them larger.

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