Monday, November 24, 2008

Tucson DCT Event at Pockets

Well it was a great event that took place and I really enjoyed it.The room pockets had a great staff and food,the equipment was good,alittle on the loose side but played good.I have to say that it had a great turn out as far as fans with well over 100 in attendance and 66 players entered into the 10 ball event.I wish I could have played but it is tough with running the stream,just too much distraction.It was a great battle in the finals between Mitch Ellerman and Scott Frost,Scott prevailed for the win but Mitch was a real animal tearing up the field.I look forward to next DCT tourney at Bullshooters in Phoenix,it will be big table 8 ball and I might actually play in it.Well I will see you all there and tune in at to see it live,we had nearly 16,000 unique viewers for the last one!
Fast Lenny

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Went to Tucson for the First time...

San Jose Dick and I went to Tucson for Dick to give some lessons in one pocket to a few of the guys in Tucson.Dick picked me up needing a road partner so to speak which I was honored to be,well he mainly needed me to drive at night on the way back but we will just say I was his road partner,okay.....Great!We take the long drive to Tucson which is an hour and half from my home in Chandler and arrive at George Teyechea's home uneventfully and are greeted by a good group of guys.We all meet and exchange names which I do remember them all,Dick signed George's Winning One Pocket book which Dick is featured in more then any other player.George has a Diamond table that has been newly felted in tournament blue,very nice setup at his home,if I lived close by I would be there everyday.

The guys want to learn the break,mainly the 3 lower rated players as George and Chris are okay with their breaks.The players then matched up playing partners with Dick instructing,I was amazed they were following direction well and moving back and forth without giving up much for awhile.After Dick showed some banks to the guys we all ate some of George's awesome cooking was quite good,I mean quite excellent,again if I lived close by I would be there everyday to eat,haha.After me and Chris played some,he is a 10 speed player and me just an 8,I end up winning the game mainly to my moving as I was up since 2 am and was not making balls.Then me and Dick faced off against George and Chris in some partners but me and Dick could not perform since we were both tired,yes I know I am giving excuses,we will get them next time.

I have to say it was a fun little trip which I will be doing again this weekend for the Desert Classic Tour stop which is 10 ball at Pockets,should be a great event and I look forward to meeting more guys from Tucson.Dick asked me if I was going to Derby City in Kentucky,would like to be his road partner for that trip,I will fly the plane.I am going to work on seeing if I can get the funds for the trip there as I already have a room with either Dick or Scott Frost,would be a good time I am thinking.Well if I do go I will let you know here about it.Here is a picture of the legend and I,if you want lessons you can contact Dick on or in the forums or email me at and I will get him in touch with you.

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My New Case From On Q Cases!

Well here is my new case that Garth Bair made me,I am the proud owner of this alligator print leather 2 by 4 gem.It has my name inlayed into the leather of the case,Fast Lenny of course.I have gotten a lot of great comments on it.I have to say Garth is a great guy to deal with and very honest and personable,he does not make many cases and if your lucky to get one you wont be disappointed.Go to and see all the cases he has there,absolutely beautiful.Click on the images to make them bigger.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Upcoming Match with Fatboy

Well the Fatman is coming from Las Vegas to play me sometime this month,I hope he is ready to play because I am.I am going to work extra hard this month and dedicated myself to making less errors and to really focus.I dont know what to expect as I have never seen Fatboy play but I am sure it will pass as we play and I wont be nervous.See the idea is to get in to stroke and its tough to do if your nervous and rigid,you have to be relaxed and fluid.I think this will be a good match,we will be playing 8 ball,one pocket and banks,should be alot of fun and I look forward to it.I just need to keep finding the time to practice.One good thing is I have become used to my new cue that Dave made me,he sent me a birdseye shaft that I will most likely use primarily for one pocket as it is 31 inches long and helps to reach certain shots,here is a pic of it at the bottom of the post,click on it to make it bigger.I hope that I play well,alot of my friends and most importantly my family will be tuning in for sure,my mom told me last night she would be watching,that makes me nervous.
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