Friday, February 18, 2011

An After Derby Update

Well its been over a month since my last blog. I forgot how much I enjoy writing on here but I have been super busy. Things have been going fairly well besides my pool game at the moment which is kind of in a slump.

Power One Pocket has been doing well and I deem it a success. We sold out the 125 copies we brought to the Derby City Classic. We promoted it well with posters all over the place and it being announced on the TV table by Ken Shuman. The next big venue for the DVD will be the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge which I have not been to in many years, it was about 5 or more years ago since I went there with my friend who passed, Joe Sabia. I have about 100 DVDs in the hands of some vendors who will be there as I am not sure if I will make it in person but if I do then I will bring another 100 because this is the place where people are buying. The Derby is good but there was not a good deal of vendors, around 20 maybe, SBE has hundreds.

So my pool game and gambling have not been doing so hot, been in a bit of slump and have been losing some games I should win or have a shot at. I also have not been doing too hot on my side betting, already losing about the same amount I since the beginning of the year as I have in the whole year of 2010! The past 2 years I have been about 80%+ winner gambling which is great, I am okay with being even but right now I am couple hundred short of being even gambling so that is not good but the plus side is the year is early so we shall see.

I plan on practicing hard and coming back stronger which I usually do after a slump. I have been making breakthroughs and playing fairly well. At the Derby I finished higher then any Arizona player besides Scott Frost obviously, I made it to the 4th round but had a chance to make it to the 5th but I was leaving the next morning and I was just not into it knowing I was leaving even if I won but then I heard 5th round was money so I felt a little stupid.

I found a great cue to play with, nothing wrong with my Crown but its wrapless and I prefer a leather wrap. I got a cue from Joel Dadivas and its a bad mofo, anyone who has hit with it thinks its one of the best they have hit with and are amazed by it. I had to ship it back though as Joel is replacing the shafts due to some issues and I cannot wait for it to get back. I am playing with my Crown as of now and booked a good winner the other night with it playing some one pocket and did well in a 9 ball tournament so I will be just fine.

We did release another DVD recently, Scott Frost vs Cliff Joyner, it is 15 of the best racks from there match in Mobile Alabama last year. It really is some good one pocket and people have been enjoying it.

I plan on getting into shape also, been putting it off for a while, healthy body and mind will improve anyone's game, just a free tip. I might get back into the boxing gym because its great for conditioning and stamina. I am going to check out one tonight that is not too far from me.

Well time to get off of here and do some work, thanks for all the support fans of OTR, by the way the newsletter is back up so sign up for it if you have not at , its in the top right corner. Enjoy this pic of my Joel Dadivas JD cue.

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